(L-R) Paul Visser, consultant for Camprilux ; Florence Kirtz-Bertemes, president of Camprilux; Lex Delles, Luxembourg Minister of Tourism; Georges Gengler, General Directorate of Tourism; Bob Wetzel, consultant for Camprilux; Credit: MECO

On 6 April 2023 the Luxembourg Minister of Tourism, Lex Delles, announced details of a new tourism initiative entitled “Destination Camper Park(ing)”.

This initiative aims to encourage in the medium term the creation of a network of motorhome stay areas in Luxembourg.

According to the General Directorate of Tourism, the “new generation” Camper Park(ing) will be designed to consist of a living area with additional equipment, facilities and range of services from that of a classic parking area. Another important feature will be meeting motorhome owners’ needs throughout all seasons.

This project for a national network of motorhome stay areas will aim to provide a "Standard" category with technical infrastructures and value-added services available to visitors as well as a "Premium" category offering additional services.

In addition to the "Destination Camper Park(ing)" orientation guide which was announced, a technical database has been published on the website of Camprilux, the association of owners of campsites and private accommodation in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (www.camping.read). The database includes detailed information on technical solutions and existing services for the development and operation of a camper van area as well as a list of specialist service providers.

The General Directorate of Tourism will offer a free initial advice service which aims to inform any company, association, organisation, municipality or interested person, including a summary assessment of the feasibility of a project idea in the form of a checklist allowing further reflection before decision-making and the launch of other preparatory studies and analyses.

At the launch, Minister Delles declared that “the orientation guide 'Destination Camper Park(ing)' is part of the philosophy of our tourism strategy which aims to improve the quality of life of the residents , cross-border commuters and tourists, as well as to promote the sustainable development of the country and to enhance the economic factor of tourism. The orientation guide 'Destination Camper Park(ing)' thus not only contributes to the economic development of the Luxembourg regions, but also has a positive influence on the quality of life of the local population”.

The president of Camprilux, Florence Kirtz-Bertemes, highlighted “the layout of the living areas for new generation motorhomes perfectly meets the expectations of a new and constantly growing clientele. The collaboration with the General Directorate of Tourism allows us to offer free initial advice to potential investors and thus contribute to the promising development of this market segment”.