Usually when asked to volunteer for something, there’s often a hint that something undesired might be involved, like driving a car full of children on a raging sugar high, or endless hours freezing over a bake sale in a field. It’s not often, perhaps never, that we’re asked to volunteer to relax and be soothed into a deeper state of wellbeing, but that’s exactly what Gina Ball-Guest is proposing. 

Gina is a final year sophrology student specialising in working with English-speaking cancer patients and relaxation therapy. Before you ask, sophrology is the study of the consciousness in harmony, a healthcare philosophy designed around practical physical and mental exercises, including breathing, muscular relaxation, gentle movement and visualisation. 

According to Georgina, it can help to reduce tension, stress and fear, reduce the effects of pain, prepare for surgical interventions, improve sleep, build strength, confidence and self-esteem, and enhance positivity, tranquility and peace of mind. 

She is now looking for volunteers to help her complete her thesis and finally year for which she needs to gain more experience. Thus, to find out more, and volunteer to be soothed, you can contact Gina at, or by phone on +352 691 71 31 57