An exceptional show of grand illusions will take place at Casino2000 in Mondorf-les-Bains in Luxembourg on 15 October at 20:30, with Kaymeleon the star of the show.

To spend a convivial and unforgettable 2-hour evening with family, colleagues and friends, those attending will enter a world of huge illusions with the show entitled "The Third Act" featuring the award winning "Best of Show French Grandes Illusions" - Golden Mandrake (international recognition) - Mandrake Crystal (World recognition - equivalent to Academy of Cinema).

The grand illusions will interplay with the public based on humour, there will be a numerous television screens, a team of 12 people and 11 tons of stage equipment, a show not to be missed.

Tickets cost €55 (show & cocktails) or €25 (show only) from