Credit: Tango High School Cup

The grand final of the Tango High School Cup, Luxembourg's first inter-school eSports tournament for secondary school students, took place on Saturday 10 July 2021.

With more than 650 participants from 38 different secondary schools, more than 15,000 unique spectators and over 24,000 views in total, the first edition of the Tango High School Cup has topped the list of most-watched eSports events in the Grand Duchy to date.

Saturday saw participants, who had qualified in the elimination rounds between March and July, compete in Fortnite and Brawl Stars to be the best student in Luxembourg in their respective games.

While the podium places in the Fortnite final went to students from the Schengen Lyzeum Perl (SLP), there were no big surprises - unlike Brawl Stars, where most of the favourites struggled. This is also reflected in the results: only one favourite (Zero_O from Lycée de Garçons de Luxembourg) made it onto the podium (first place).

In addition to the individual competition, Lycée de Garçons de Luxembourg (LGL) was the top-ranked school out of the 38 secondary schools that took part in the championship.


1st - 
2nd - Myzu (SLP)
3rd - Valoryy (SLP)

Brawl Stars:
1st - Zero_o (LGL)
2nd - Overloard360CCH (Lycée de Garçons Esch - LGE)
3rd - Twitch_Killer (École Internationale Mondorf-les-Bains - EIMLB)

As in traditional sports, Tango High School Cup participants who failed to follow the rules regarding fair play faced disqualification.