Credit: Fondation de Luxembourg

In a ceremony on 16 March 2024, the 2023 Science for Society Prize, an initiative of the Science for Society Foundation, under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg, was awarded to the Fondation Jeunes Scientifiques Luxembourg, for its youth programme “Science:next”.

In receiving this prize, the Fondation Jeunes Scientifiques Luxembourg was commended for the extracurricular programme which introduces students to the scientific method and encourages young minds to think critically, develop specific skills essential to scientific research and then apply these skills to address issues that impact society at large.

At the ceremony, Sousana Eang, Director of the Fondation Jeunes Scientifiques Luxembourg expressed gratitude for the award: “On behalf of the Fondation Jeunes Scientifiques Luxembourg, I thank the Science for Society Foundation and its founder, Mr Jacques de Sellier, for their encouragement and support. We will use this grant to further support the youngsters that take part in the Science:next programme, mainly by helping them acquire material for scientific projects."

The Science:next programme runs throughout the school year, and is open to curious young people ages eleven to 21. Participants gain experience through practical applications and interactive learning, under the guidance of experienced scientists and engineers from diverse fields. Through the programme, students may also prepare for and take part in competitions, which encourages teamwork and communication skills. On completion of the programme, participants are well-equipped to distinguish between fact and fiction, an aspect of the programme that is of particular importance to the Science for Society Foundation, Fondation de Luxembourg noted.

According to Fondation de Luxembourg, the actions of the Science for Society Foundation are guided by the belief that a better understanding of science in areas that are important for society will foster sounder debates and better-informed policy decisions. The Fondation de Luxembourg thus noted it created the Science for Society Prize in 2021 to reward annually an organisation or project that demonstrates effective communication of credible scientific information to the general public. This year marks the third and final edition of the Science for Society Prize.

The Science for Society Prize applicants were evaluated by an independent jury, made up of members from the research community, decision-makers, the technology sector and the press. The jury is responsible for assessing all applications and submitting a preselection to the Fondation’s management committee. The Science for Society Foundation’s management committee selects the winning candidate who is then awarded a 5.000 € grant.