From 29 to 31 August 2022, Digital Learning Hub (DLH) will be organising a three-day Summer Camp aimed at introducing participants to various tech subjects, from coding to cybersecurity and blockchain.

The digital transformation concerns all sectors of the economy. Aware of this evolution, companies have been implementing adapted technologies and infrastructures for years. In this way, the seeking of new talents for the setup, management and maintenance of these new platforms has intensified.

The IT engineering and development sector was the most sought by employers at the beginning of the year. According to a recent study, conducted by FEDIL and the Luxembourg Banker's Association (ABBL), 687 employments in the tech field are planned in the coming two years. Within the 97 surveyed companies, 53% relate to job creations (the majority). Many jobs are targeted by these candidates seekings, such as programmers (software or web developers, integrators, etc.), network administrators, system engineers, project managers and software architects.

According to the same survey, Luxembourgish companies have high requirements regarding candidates' qualification levels. To practise these professions, there is no other option but to specialise in a specific field in order to achieve a profile required by the job market. It is therefore essential to develop needed skills and know-how through a fitting training programme.

The DLH Summer Camp aims to kindle an interest in the in full growth area of tech. Over three days, well-known CEOs in Luxembourg will broach the following main themes: coding, blockchain and cybersecurity. They will offer some basics and knowledge to attendees through practical and theoretical discovery sessions and peer exchange.


Day 1
09:00-17:00: Coding for non-tech (Learning lunch: History of coding)

Day 2
09:00-17:00: Cybersecurity for non-tech (Inspiring lunch)

Day 3
09:00-17:00: Blockchain basics (Networking lunch: How blockchain can contribute to a better world)

No specific knowledge is required to attend the Summer Camp, but the number of candidates for the classes is limited to 30. Registration is entirely free and includes lunch.

The DLH Summer Camp receives support from The Dots, a marketing as a service (MaaS) agency exclusively devoted to the tech, innovation and digital industry, and is powered by the DLH, which specialises in computer science training courses.

People wishing to take part in the DLH Summer Camp can visit the event web page or send an email to: