The Star Cricket Club in Luxembourg (Star CC) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Schuttrange on Saturday 7 January 2023.

In addition to members of the men's and women's teams in attendance, the Luxembourg Cricket Federation was represented by Steve Evans and Madhu Ramachandran; the Mayor of Schuttrange, Jean-Paul Jost, also supported the club and its activities by being present.


The AGM voted the following in as club officers for the coming year:

President: Rutvij Thumar
Secretary: Aarti Priya
Treasurer: Roshan Vishwanath

The outgoing President, Niraj Trivedi, and outgoing Secretary, Pranjul Shah, confirmed that they will continue supporting the club and its work on relations with the municipality and sponsors.

The officers will confirm the Working Committee shortly.


The annual awards were presented, as follows:

Star CC (Div-1 + PM Cup)

1. Best Batsman: Shiv Karan (293 Runs)
2. Best Bowler: Jatin Madan (17 Wkts)
3. Best All-rounder: Jatin Madan (146 Runs, 17 Wkts)
4. Best Fielder: Shiv Karan (11 Dismissals)
5. Best Wicket-Keeper: Advyth (18 Dismissals)
6. Best Debutant: Sambhav (14 Wkts, 79 Runs)

Best Individual Performance: Ansh: 4-6 Vs Heritage

Challengers (Div-1 + PM Cup)

1. Best Batsman: Murali (133 Runs)
2. Best Bowler: Shiva (10 Wkts)
3. Best All-rounder: Mayank (79 Runs, 6 Wkts)
4. Best Fielder: Rutvij (8 Dismissals
5. Best Wicket-Keeper: Farhad (11 Dismissals)
6. Best Debutant: Ahsan (130 Runs, 6 Wkts)

Best Individual Performance: Vikrant (3-17 Vs Heritage)

RS Cup
1. Best Batsman: Roshan (116 Runs)
2. Best Bowler: Jatin (4 Wkts)
3. Best All-rounder: Jatin (4 Wkts, 103 Runs)

Best Individual Performance: Sean (3-16 vs Heritage)

Clubman of the Year:
- Roshan
- Ganesh
- Pema