Credit: BnL, Luxembourg Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO

The Luxembourg Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO and the National Library of Luxembourg (Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg - BnL) have announced that they are organising a cycle of conferences within the framework of the “Unesco Rendez-vous” programme.

The central theme of this year's cycle is: “Mankind and Media. Rethinking the Roles in the Age of Information”. The last few years have shown that we are highly dependent on the transmission of information quickly and efficiently: we always ask for more data, more information, more connectivity. But can we keep the big picture in this super-fast information flow? Can we still control the transformation of information by digital media? Where do people stand in the face of the exponential evolution of technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and the commerce of our data? Who remains at the origin of the information and who how do we interpret it?

The upcoming conferences address this theme from different perspectives. On 25 February 2021, Prof. Dr. Christoph Schommer from the University of Luxembourg will kick off the discussion with the questions: Artificial intelligence? Where are we? He will discuss the possibilities, chances and risks of these new technologies. On 22 April 2021, four journalists will engage in a discussion, moderated by Josée Hansen, on the transmission of information and the objectivity over time of “Fake News” and “Click Bait”. On 1 July 2021, Dr. Manuela di Franco will introduce the audience to the world of cartoons and will look at their role in the transmission of subliminal and propagandist messages. On 30 September 2021, Ian di Toffoli and Prof. Dr. Lukas K. Sosoe will talk about the problems and limits of ethics in the digital world. In the last round of this cycle, moderated by Dr. Nora Schleich on 2 December 2021, four artists will discuss the role of artistic freedom in the face of freedom of expression.

On each of these evenings, which all take place on Thursdays at 19:00, the BnL will set up a room large enough to ensure in-person meetings and, if necessary, in accordance with current restrictions.


- 25/02/2021: Der Mensch und die Künstliche Intelligenz. Wo stehen wir? (German, with English translation) (Fully booked)
An interview with Prof. Christoph Schommer, moderated by Dr. Nora Schleich

- 22/04/2021: Mediepluralismus - Eng Garantie fir Demokratie am 21. Joerhonnert? (Luxembourgish)
A round table with François Aulner, Pia Oppel, Christoph Bumb and Jean-Louis Siweck, moderated by Josée Hansen

- 01/07/2021: Transmission of Information via Specific Media - Propagandistic Messages in Comics (English, with French translation)
A presentation by Dr. Manuela di Franco

- 30/09/2021: L'éthique dans la société de l'information (French, with English translation)
A speech by Prof. Lukas Sosoe, moderated by Ian de Toffoli

- 02/12/2021: Artistesch Fräiheet a Meenungsfräiheet (Luxembourgish)
A round table with Justine Blau, Dr. Cédric Kayer, Filip Markiewicz and Anne Simon, moderated by Dr. Nora Schleich

As places are limited, registration is required at the latest three days before the conference via email: