In December 2023, published an article about the local cinema in Echternach, Ciné Sura, launching a crowdfunding campaign to finance a new projector and preserve the cinema experience for the community and region.

The crowdfunding campaign has now reached its €60,000 goal by the stipulated date of 15 January 2024 - this will fund the purchase of a new 4K laser projector which will both improve the quality of film screenings and also reduce energy consumption.

A total of 394 people have contributed to achieving the total, including four at €4,000 (lifetime free admission for two), one at €2,500 (lifetime free admission for one) and five at €750 (one's own cinema seat).

As mentioned on the crowdfunding page, "this amount allows us to take a decisive step into modernity while preserving our cultural heritage". The Ciné Sura asbl has been running the cinema since 1991.

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