On Wednesday 18 October 2023, Kinepolis opens the country's first IMAX cinema at Kinepolis-Kirchberg, having converted screening room 1.

The previous day, a press conference addressing the immersive cinematic experience and its roll-out was held for members of Luxembourg's media, followed by a screening of Martin Scorsese's new film, Killers of the Flower Moon.

Kinepolis' Maud Franz opened the press conference, introducing the new immersive cinematic experience. John Schreiner, an IMAX spokesperson based in Dublin, responsible for the roll-out of IMAX cinemas throughout the EMEA region, explained that IMAX is present in 93 countries, with 110 new screening rooms being launched this year alone. He explained that many film-goers want an enriched cinematic experience, one that brings them back into cinemas rather than watching at home. He explained that films can be either shot with IMAX cameras or can be converted to IMAX. He said that with IMAX screening rooms, the screen itself is closer to the audience and the sound is remixed for a more immersive experience. All IMAX audio systems are designed in the same way; this screening room has a 12-channel sound system. The IMAX films are projected with special laser projectors. Today, most IMAX screening rooms are in multplexes, with most films now being Hollywood blockbusters, and not documentaries as they used to primarily be when IMAX came out first. He also said that they also film live events, including concerts, for example the Taylor Swift Eras Tour. Overall, he said that IMAX auditoriums are best for live experiences.

A variety of film formats were screened in the form of a trailer reel to demonstrate the IMAX technology, including from DunkirkNapoleonThe Greatest ShowmanWonka and Aquaman 2. These demonstrated the benefits of the screen's aspect ratio, the high-definition visuals and audio aspects.

In the post-trailer reel Q&A session, John Schreiner revealed that the early IMAX screening rooms used to have steeper seating, but this is no longer required and standard screening room seating is ideal for getting the best out of IMAX projections. On the issue of the cost involved to convert the screening room 1 to IMAX, Kinepolis did not divulge the level of investment incurred.

This IMAX cinema is one of six being opened by Kinepolis this month, and follows on from the opening of one in Ontaria (Canada) on 7 October, and in Liege (Belgium) on 13 October, with Nimes (France) and Madrid (Spain) to follow this week, and Southgate (Michigan, US) to conclude the roll-out on 9 November. These openings bring to thirteen the number of IMAX cinemas operated by the Kinepolis Group, including six in Europe, six in Canada and one in the United States.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour and Killers of the Flower Moon are the first films to be screened using this technology, with Marvels being screened first at Southgate.

According to Kinepolis, all the new IMAX sites are being equipped with IMAX Laser, a new generation laser projection system and a multichannel sound system exclusive to IMAX rooms. Immersive by design, IMAX Laser was specially designed to offer crystal clear and realistic images and precision sound for an unprecedented cinematographic experience. It is distinguished by a revolutionary 4k laser projection system, equipped with a new optical engine, custom-made lenses and a series of exclusive technologies that offer brighter images with increased resolution, deeper contrast and the the widest possible range of colours, exclusively on IMAX screens.

"The agreement with IMAX demonstrates our continued commitment to invest in the best cinematic experience, enabling a greater number of movie-goers to watch films in IMAX," said Eddy Duquenne, CEO of Kinepolis Group. "Cinephiles are looking for more and more premium cinematographic experiences and we know from our customers that IMAX meets these expectations from every point of view."

"IMAX is very happy to extend its presence in several countries and to open the very first IMAX theatre in Luxembourg," said Giovanni Dolci, Chief Sales Officer of IMAX. "This is the next step in our long-term partnership with Kinepolis, which continues to invest in offering its customers around the world the best cinematographic experiences possible."