In today's complex world of looking for your next job, it is very easy to forget to keep public profile updated and to ensure that it conveys you and your personality in a professional way.

I've put together a few tips on how best to manage your profiles across a range of different media.

- Social Media: In today’s world where we live our life publicly, you need to be aware that this can have dangers if prospective employers can see “private” information. So if you have been celebrating wildly and have pictures and stories to prove it, ensure that these are not publicly visible via your Facebook profile. On the other hand, if you list something like "travel" among your interests on your CV, there is absolutely no harm at all is having photos from such trips published.

- Linkedin: this is an excellent way to build a professional image publicly and get your details out in the public domain in a controlled and professional way. Not only is your profile itself of interest to potential employers, but also your recommendations and endorsements as well as groups to which you belong. Also, if you have written or posted articles, they will take these into account too: if you are seen to present reasoned arguments and opinion, this will stand you in good stead.

- Monster: should you leave your CV on Monster? It will definitely ensure your CV is seen but be aware that your HR Dept. (of your current employer) is probably looking at it too. There is a risk that this will affect the career at your current employer if you end up staying, or are just “fishing” in the job market.

Future employers will check all the above, and more, and you want to give them the right impression and encourage them to invite you to interview and offer you the job you have been after.

At KR Recruitment we advise all job-seekers to pay close attention to their public profiles and urge them to keep them up-to-date and professional at all times.