Having had time to get away from the stress of the workplace and be able to wind down, relax and reflect over the Christmas and New Year period, many people come back in the new year looking for a change in life.

The reasoning behind this can be based on one or more issues, including one's inner mind and thoughts of:

- Is my career going in the right direction?

- Am I getting treated well, both personally and financially?

- Do I need a new challenge / am I starting to go a bit stale?

The new year is always a great time to start searching for a new opportunity, a new challenge as companies have new budgets for the year and Q1 is a strong period for recruitment. Also, it is early in the new year and a great time to start a new career with a clear mind an new energy. In addition, you do not lose out financially in terms of bonus (you get the full one from the preceding year and almost a full one for the coming year). If you leave mid- to end- of year, you can effectively lose out on 2 bonuses...
What are the next steps to take? Firstly, refresh your Curriculum Vitae and then contact an agency like KR recruitment for initial advice on roles available, salary range, etc. In reality “is it the best time to leave for them”? 

Good impartial advice can help you decide if it is the right time for you, what choices you have and what options are at your disposal.