On Saturday 8 June 2019, the chain of custody used by Luxembourg air traffic controllers was the subject of a fundamental regulatory and technical update, aiming to reach the European standards and protocols in force and to be at the forefront of technology.

The chain of custody is a system that allows air traffic controllers to have a spatial representation, in real time, of the respective positions of the aircraft. This allows air traffic controllers to guide these aircraft safely in Luxembourg airspace.

In recent months, this modernisation project has been the centre of attention of the management as well as the technical and operational experts of the Air Navigation Administration (ANA). Thanks to a succession of technical development phases, simulations and validations, training and safety certifications, the implementation of the new system took place without significant impact on air traffic management operations. The updating of the equipment was carried out through a transition phase, during which exceptional efforts were made in terms of human resources.

Having received extensive and specialised training on the new system, the air traffic controllers have a perfect command of their new working environment. Flights have been, and are, handled safely during and since the transition phase.

Following the successful implementation of the new radar surveillance system, the confidence of the air traffic controllers is such that the flight restrictions applied during this transition phase have been eased very quickly.

Close and seamless collaboration between the ANA, the Directorate of Civil Aviation (DAC), the airport operator lux-airport and the airlines, has managed the traffic aerial without significant disturbances.