Luxembourg-based international professional women's association The NETWORK has announced that it is holding its next event, dedicated to neurodiversity in women, at Silversquare co-working space in Luxembourg-Gare on Wednesday 21 February 2024 at 19:00.

The event "Embrace Your Unique Brilliance: Unmasking Neurodiversity in Women" will bring together the following speakers: Mélanie Schmaltz, Neuropsychologist at Neurofeedback Luxembourg; Antonia Quinton, Neurodiversity Coach & Consultant; Sabrina Aristei, Neuropsychologist at Fondation Autisme Luxembourg; Suzanne Balko, Neurodiversity Innovator. The NETWORK's Communications Director Severina Losch will moderate the panel discussion.

Have you ever felt like you are navigating a world that does not quite understand you? Do you feel like you are dancing to a different rhythm than others? You constantly have to recalibrate yourself against societal norms, forcing yourself to pretend to be someone else to be accepted... Yet you still feel like an outsider in a world that is not attuned to the unique melody of your mind. The challenges of communication, sensory sensitivities and the pervasive need to conform are creating a sense of isolation. You feel misunderstood and have this deep sense of just not belonging?

If this resonates with you, then join The NETWORK's next event, where the panellists will delve into the complexities and challenges faced by neurodivergent women, the unique aspects of their experiences and the empowering steps they can take to create a more accommodating and fulfilling life.

This event aims to shed light on myths and misconceptions, redefining what neurodiversity truly is for women. It will explore how symptoms manifest uniquely in women, the effects of neurodiversity in the workplace and its implications on health and mental well-being.

The speakers will also uncover a tapestry of strengths and perspectives that, when embraced, can redefine the narrative.

Tickets are free for members of The NETWORK and cost €20 for non-members. Further information is available via Eventbrite.