Among the numerous new structures surrounding Cloche D’Or stands Deloitte Luxembourg’s new headquarters; over two thousand Deloitte employees unite under one roof and discover their new collaborative and flexible working space throughout the first week of June.

Three years after laying the first stone in June 2016, the building fondly referred to internally as “D.Square,” has opened its doors to over two thousand Deloitte employees.
The landmark structure stands tall over the new Cloche D’Or business hub, with its distinctive square terrace. The building’s characteristic appearance is hard to miss among the rapidly developing businesses in the surrounding area.   

It gives me great pleasure to see the extraordinary result of all the hard work, commitment and time that both our internal and external contributors have dedicated to this project. The combined efforts to realize this ambitious next step for our firm has once again demonstrated the team spirit and determination embodied by Deloitte and its employees,” explained Sophie Mitchell, Partner and Operations Leader at Deloitte Luxembourg. 

The headquarters’ official inauguration will take place in September, once the remaining minor works on the facilities are fully completed.

An agile and innovative work environment

A change in location also means a shift in working culture. The new Deloitte building is designed to offer its residents and visitors an environment where creativity, innovation and collaboration is at the forefront of day-to-day activities.

The building is host to several impressive features including: an urban window terrace on the seventh floor with direct access to the iconic square structure, a welcoming ‘Inner Street’ with an open foyer and natural light, and specialized areas focusing on client innovation, as well as a large auditorium where nearly 200 attendees can gather for both internal and external events.

As employee wellbeing is central to Deloitte’s practice, professionals working in the new headquarters will be offered ergonomic furniture, an updated flexible working policy, as well as more health and fitness benefits, more collaborative spaces and a flex desk approach towards working.

The name D. Square reminds me of a village, town or city square - a place where people come together to exchange ideas and views. The move to our new working environment enables us to further empower our talented professionals, allowing them more flexibility to organize their day and priorities. At the same time, this move creates a central, unique and innovative point for people to come together in a collaborative manner. These elements will further contribute to their growth as professionals and in turn accelerate the level of excellence we constantly seek to deliver to our clients” concluded John Psaila, Managing Partner at Deloitte Luxembourg.

Deloitte employees based in Neudorf and Findel offices will continue to move to their new headquarters until 11 June, when the internal move is expected to be completed. Deloitte Luxembourg’s headquarters is now 20 Boulevard de Kockelscheuer, L-1821 Luxembourg. The firm retains another office with approximately 250 colleagues from the Financial Industry Solutions Team in Belval, Esch-Sur-Alzette.