On Friday 17 March 2023, the Union Commerciale de la Ville de Luxembourg (UCVL) appealed for a ban on begging in the city centre.

The UCVL is Luxembourg city's retailers' federation, the official association representing traders in the 24 districts of the City of Luxembourg: its main objective is to develop and make trade and crafts prosper, as well as to strengthen the commercial and tourist activity of the capital.

According to their statement, for several years now, they have observed a growing problem in terms of begging in the city of Luxembourg which they claim has serious consequences in terms of the attractiveness of the city centre (Ville-Haute, Gare). They claim that many visitors no longer go to town because of this situation which leads to significant additional costs for commercial companies.

As a player in the field close to traders, the UCVL stated that it regularly raises these issues with local and national elected officials in order to find solutions together.

They admit that the city's social offer has been greatly increased in recent years, in particular with the "By your side" service, which is very useful for local residents. The UCVL also encourages customers and visitors to support local associations helping people in need.

However, the UCVL also stated that it has been seeking for several years the implementation of a begging decree (Platzverweis) aimed at prohibiting begging in certain areas of high commercial density in the City of Luxembourg. "This is why we strongly hope that the proposal of the college of aldermen to ban begging, as it is proposed, will be approved by the Municipal Council of the City of Luxembourg... We are aware that this decision will not solve social problems but it will contribute to preventively ensuring the safety, convenience and tranquility necessary for users of public roads".

The UCVL also stated that, in times of tourist influx, such an order will greatly improve the experience of visitors and the brand image of the capital.