Following their experiences in Luxembourg-ville earlier this year when they participated in Luxembourg City's Pop-Up Store programme, Banjjak has opened its own store in the Gallerie Brasseur.

In its flagship store, Banjjak offers unique and exclusive jewellery styles at an affordable price and is the exclusive partner in the EU for several South Korean cosmetics brands.

"We are beyond delighted to open our first flagship store in the heart of Luxembourg City and bring the customer in the country jewellery and cosmetics products directly from South Korea," said the founder of Banjjak in Luxembourg, Brandy Chen. "During our time at the City Pop-up stores, we have received a lot of positive feedback and demand for our products from customers. This was the main motivation for us to open our flagship store."

In addition to the pop-up store, Banijak also launched an online store in January and ships around Europe.

Talking with, Brandy Chen explained that it is very important to have good relationships with customers in Luxembourg, with the experience of having the pop-up stores emphasising that customers value a physical shopping experience rather that browsing online. She revealed that she travels to South Korea a couple of times per year, primarily to secure new brands for the European market; next year will see her launching her wholesale business, to develop relationships with European distributors and introduce new brands and products to different markets here.

The brand continues to bring the latest jewellery from South Korea, with a variety of new seasonal styles as well as keeping up with its best sellers' items such as two-way Gemstone Huggie Hoop Earrings and Slim Double Layers Necklace.

Apart from jewellery, Banjjak has introduced local customers to exclusive vegan-based cosmetics brands from South Korea.

"When it comes to skincare, K-Beauty brands are at the forefront of innovation, especially for sensitive and acne skin types. At Banjjak, we are proud to bring not only well-known brands like COSRX but also upcoming brands that focus on Sustainability and Vegan products," said Brandy Chen. "In our K-Beauty line-up, we offer Vegan based brands such as Owondo, Itfer and Oshinhae that are made from natural ingredients for which we are the exclusive partner in Europe."

At this moment, Banjjak offers a full spectrum of skincare products including cleansers, toners, serums, creams and sun creams, patches and masks from various South Korean brands including Itfer, Owndo, Oshinchae, Cosrx, Beauty of Joseon, Benton and more.

The Banjjak flagship store is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 18:00 and is located inside the Gallerie Brasseur on 36-38 Grand Rue in Luxembourg-ville (also via a second entrance 14 Rue des Capucins).

Banjjak means twinkle or sparkle in the Korean language.