Oleksandr Petrykov, founder LetzCompare.lu;

On Monday 1 November 2021, Luxembourg’s first price comparison website has been launched, to compare home internet, TV, SIM-only and smartphone packages.

LetzCompare is a new company founded by Oleksandr Petrykov. Originally from Ukraine, he has lived and worked in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and now Luxembourg. He has an MSc in Marketing Management and started working in the automotive industry, for Nissan Europe as a Performance Analyst and LeasePlan as a Transformation Specialist. Last year he followed the YouthYourFuture and Fit4E initiatives and developed the concept of what is now know as LetzCompare.lu.

LetzCompare.lu enables consumers to find the perfect deal in just a few clicks. The mission of LetzCompare.lu is to provide consumers with unbiased information about prices and service offerings so they can make the best decision for their needs based on a comprehensive selection of providers. 

One of the most asked questions on various expat forums is to recommend home internet provider,” said LetzCompare founder, Oleksandr Petrykov. “The result is similar to asking local Italian community for the best pizza place – everyone has their own version of the truth”.

Company research shows that a person newly arrived in Luxembourg spends up to five days researching local telecom providers. Even after living in the country for 
several years, residents can name only up to 3 companies in the field. 

LetzCompare.lu provides details on 11 companies from which consumers can choose and reduces selection time down to just a few hours. Through the simple web interface, consumers can filter and sort providers on everything from data allowance, upfront fees and monthly prices to the total cost of subscriptions. 

LetzCompare.lu’s main objective is "to cut through the advertising noise and present relevant information including any hidden costs and equally highlight each offer’s USPs so consumers do not miss out on any free perks". 

Through our research, we found that often customers are not aware when their contracts are due,” said Oleksandr Petrykov. “This means they are overpaying for 
an outdated plan that might not suit their needs. LetzCompare is all about maximising the value and getting the bang for your buck

According to Oleksandr Petrykov, LetzCompare is built and operates on the 4 core principles: 
1) Transparent – it displays all hidden fees, equally highlighting the benefits of each offer;
2) Efficient – it strives to make the whole process as simple as a click of a button so that consumers can spend their time on the things that matter;
3) Impartial – It is an equal opportunity platform giving smaller players a solid platform to compete with the market leaders; 
4) Challenger – Its goal is to re-create the status quo and shift the power balance back to consumers.