Credit: CFL

Luxembourg's railway company, the CFL, has presented details of major engineering works being carried out on the country's rail network in the second quarter of 2022.

Line 10 (Luxembourg – Troisvierges – Gouvy)

After substantial progress between January and March 2022, the CFL will continue to carry out construction work on the future interchange hubs in Ettelbruck and Mersch, which are aimed at improving the rail connection to the north of the country.

The widening of Quai II at Ettelbruck railway station will also be continued in order to offer more space to passengers; the opening of this platform over its entire width is scheduled for the end of 2022. New awnings, which will provide protection against the weather, will be installed. At the same time, construction work is being carried out at the level of the future south underpass. From their commissioning, scheduled for autumn 2022, three lifts will allow simplified access for people with reduced mobility.

At Mersch railway station, work to renew Quai II, commissioned in August 2022, will continue. This wider and longer platform will offer more space to passengers and increase the seating capacity on board trains travelling between Luxembourg City and the north of the country. The platform will also be equipped with displays, new signage, standing seats, an awning, benches, rubbish bins and an international ticket vending machine. Until April 2022, finalisation work will continue to be carried out at the level of the central underpass which, since August 2021, has offered partial barrier-free access to the station platforms. Maintenance work will also be carried out at the level of the passenger building, as well as renovation work at the level of the south underpass. To provide parking spaces close to the station, the CFL will also continue construction work at the P&R.

To optimise traffic flows while continuing to guarantee the safety of rail operations, work on the new integrated control station in Ettelbruck (the first installation of this type in Europe) will also continue. To advance the implementation of this innovative technology, preparatory work will continue to be carried out with, among other things, the installation of beacons and the necessary signage.

Moreover, in order to optimise the flow of electricity on the sections between Luxembourg and Belgium, work at the power station of the separation section in Bellain (Troisvierges) will continue in the second quarter of 2022. Added to this is the renovation of the aqueducts along line 10, which began at the start of the year and will ensure the proper functioning of the water drainage systems. Maintenance work will be carried out to continue to ensure the safest operating conditions. Among the elements concerned are tunnels and rock trenches on the northern line, as well as tracks, switches and catenaries, for example in Luxembourg-Dommeldange.

Sections concerned: Luxembourg – Troisvierges / Gouvy; Ettelbruck – Diekirch

During the closures of the Ettelbruck – Troisvierges section, the CFL will provide free bicycle shuttles on this section. Customers are advised to reserve their place using the form available online at

Line 30 (Luxembourg – Wasserbillig – Trier)

Alongside the adaptation of the electrical installations in Manternach, the CFL will take advantage of the closure of the section to carry out maintenance work at the same time on the tracks, access tracks for collaborators and catenaries, as well as at the level of the aqueducts along the route of this line. Major renewal work will be carried out on various sections, including between Wecker and Wasserbillig, where tracks and ballast will be renewed.

Sections concerned: Oetrange – Trier

Line 50 (Luxembourg – Kleinbettingen – Arlon), line 60 (Luxembourg – Esch-sur-Alzette ‒ Pétange), line 70 (Luxembourg – Rodange – Athus – Longwy) and line 90 (Luxembourg – Bettembourg – Thionville)

Preparatory work will continue during the second quarter of 2022 at the level of the southern part of Luxembourg Railway Station to allow rapid progress with the overhaul work planned for summer 2022. At the end of the works, the Luxembourg station will have the necessary configuration so that each line has its own track on the platform, a condition for taking pressure off this station and ensuring more fluid and punctual rail traffic.

To improve and increase capacity in terms of maintenance tracks, parking and manoeuverability at the level of the CRM storage and maintenance centre, especially in view of the 34 new railcars ordered, new infrastructure is currently being built. Alongside an additional hall for the maintenance of new rolling stock, additional tracks will be built to improve the flow of trains between the station and the CRM. To this end, additional tracks are being laid until June 2022. Once this work is finalised, the sleepers and signalling will be installed and work on the catenaries will begin. The commissioning of this new part of the CRM is scheduled for 15 September 2022.

Sections concerned: Luxembourg – Kleinbettingen – Arlon; Luxembourg – Bettembourg; Luxembourg – Hollerich

Line 50 (Luxembourg – Kleinbettingen – Arlon)

As part of periodic checks, the CFL will carry out maintenance work on the tracks, catenaries and sleepers on this line. The Natioanl Roads Administration will take advantage of the closure of this section to restore the OA816 overpass in Bertrange.

Sections concerned: Luxembourg – Kleinbettingen – Arlon

Line 60 (Luxembourg – Esch-sur-Alzette ‒ Pétange)

The transformation of Rodange station into a real exchange hub in the south-west of the country is also continuing during the second quarter of 2022. In a first stage, the extension of the platforms and the laying of new tracks has begun. The reconfiguration work at Rodange station, aimed at improving traffic flows and therefore the punctuality of trains, will be completed in a second phase by the finishing of the awnings and platforms to allow the commissioning of the new track and platform situation in April 2022. In addition, there are preparation works for the laying of the new western underpass which will take place during the summer of 2022. At the P+R level, the construction works of the building offering approximately 1,600 places from the end of 2022 will also be continued.

As on other lines, the CFL will carry out the maintenance of various elements on this line, in particular the renovation of aqueducts, the maintenance of access tracks safe for employees and the maintenance of tracks, catenaries and electric traction installations. The National Roads Administration will take advantage of the lane closures planned by the CFL to also advance their work, including the installation of a footbridge intended for soft mobility in Differdange and the installation of a bridge above the tracks near Howald station.

Sections concerned: Luxembourg – Bettembourg; Esch/Alzette – Rodange

Line 70 (Luxembourg – Rodange – Athus – Longwy)

In addition to the work at Rodange station, which also concerns this line, the CFL is continuing the refurbishment work on two platforms at Bascharage-Sanem station. Moreover, the CFL will carry out modernisation works at the control post in Pétange.

Sections concerned: Luxembourg – Athus / Longwy.