Luxembourg-based secure data platform vyzVoice has released its new cloud-based application infrastructure enabling customers to design and deliver application that enable them to easily access, manage and analyse their connected device data.

Entitled Chorus, the infrastructure allows users to utilise the vyzVoice end-to-end cloud infrastructure solution for data management to create high value applications. The platform includes multiple features such as custom analytics, predictive analysis, reporting, notification system enabling the users to transform raw data into valuable assets.

Information such as analytics, graphics, videos in minutes are displayed via dynamic containers called "voices" gathered into dashboards providing a tailored experience for varied users.

According to vyzVoice, Chorus attempts to overcome difficulties such as fluctuating energy prices and compliance in complicated regulatory environments by integrating energy management into a company's workflow and consolidating the entire local and/or international process whcih providing the tools to comply with regulation standards.

A collaboration with MBS provides a highly secure "vyzVoice ready" MBS gateway solution to enable users to gather IoT device data based on different protocols on a single platform. MBS and vyzVoice work together to provide the best integrated solution for multiple requirements.


Photo by VyzVoice