Credit: European Schools (sailing) Cup

Sailing Passion Asbl, a member club of the Luxembourg Sailing Federation, has announced that the 12th edition of the European School's Cup in sailing will take place in Croatia, setting sail off the coast of Murter this year.

With sixteen yachts and 96 students awaiting the adventure, the European School's Cup will take place from Saturday 30 March to Saturday 6 April 2024. During this week, students from various European schools and from seventeen European nationalities, will gather to learn the art of maneuvering a sailing boat under the guidance of experienced adult skippers and co-skippers. Living onboard their yachts, they will immerse themselves in the maritime lifestyle, gaining skills while forging friendships.

The European Schools' Cup is an opportunity for students to challenge themselves, step out of their comfort zones, and embark on a new experience. They will be able to navigate the open seas, work together as a team, and explore the stunning coastline of Croatia, “making memories that will last a lifetime”, Sailing Passion Asbl emphasised.

Readers will be able to follow the group’s adventures throughout the week by clicking on the links provided below.