The Hwa Rang Do Club Luxembourg, a traditional Korean Martial Art based in Luxembourg city, is hosting the 63rd World Hwa Rang Do Association Annual Event with a 2-Days World Championships and Conference including seminars with the Founder Dr Joo Bang Lee and his eldest Son Grandmaster Taejoon Lee (who has been living in Luxembourg since 2017). 

The World Championships take place on Sunday 2 and Monday 3 July in Strassen (Hall des Arts Martiaux) and the seminars are at different locations in Luxembourg City on 1, 4-7 July. 

This is the second time that Luxembourg is hosting the WHRDA Annual Event, with participants from various EU nations and the USA. The event will culminate in an Awards 
Banquet and Black Sash Ceremony.

Luxembourg the defending champions, will welcome teams from the USA, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland to take part in a 2-day (2 & 3 July) Decathlon of individual and team competitions for all ages, both male and female in the categories of Forms (Kata), Weapon Forms, Yongtoogi (Standup Striking Quick Submit Fighting), Gotoogi (Submission Grappling), and Mugi Daeryun (Weapon Fighting with Sticks and Swords).

Seminars will be held on subjects including takedowns, sword fighting, joint manipulation, aerial kicking, submissions, sword movements, belt as a weapon, hand and kick combinations, pressure points, and street fighting. In addition, there will be free meditation sessions every day from 4-7 July at 09:30 at the Karate Club in Strassen. 

The seminars are open to the general public for participation and the championships for viewing. 

The full schedule of events can be found online at

Payment can be made at the door.