L-R: François Bausch, Deputy PM, Minister for Mobility and Public Works; Lydie Polfer, Mayor of the City of Luxembourg; Credit: MMTP

Luxembourg's Ministry of Mobility and Public Works has confirmed that LuxTram will next extend the tram line to Luxembourg-Bonnevoie in September 2022.

On Monday 19 April 2021, Luxembourg's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mobility and Public Works, François Bausch, and the Mayor of the City of Luxembourg, Lydie Polfer, in the presence of the alderman responsible for mobility of the City of Luxembourg, Patrick Goldschmidt, as well as officials from the Roads Administration and Luxtram, presented the next tram stop that will link the central station (Gare) to the Lycée de Bonnevoie.

This new tram link is being implemented in close coordination with the Roads Administration, the contracting authority for the new infrastructures under construction and which are being sized to accommodate the tramway.

The construction works relating to the tram include the tram platform itself, the stations and all the related systems and equipment including the aerial contact supply. For the realisation of this new phase, Luxtram awarded a design / construction contract and entrusted the implementation to a group of companies whose mission relates to both the studies and the execution of the works.

Particular attention has been paid to quality urban integration. The implementation of this new section is a continuation of the city centre developments with vegetated parts of the platform between the stations. This work will be carried out by sector in different phases and will begin at the level of the future “Lycée Bouneweg” exchange hub.

On this route, the tram will go along the widened Pont Buchler and its ramp on the side of Place de la Gare before heading towards the redeveloped Route de Thionville on the section between Pont Buchler and the junction towards the new N3. It will run along the new N3, an urban boulevard between Route de Thionville and Rangwee, to join the future hub at the Lycée de Bonnevoie.

The new names for the tram stations, including three exchange hubs(*) are as follows:

- Section C: Leschte Steiwer / Dernier Sol, Lycée Bouneweg(*);
- Section D: Scillas, Howald Gare (*), Lycée Vauban, Waassertuerm and Stadion (*).

These names are intended to be easily memorised by tram users. They are part of a geographical logic with reference to the places, buildings, streets and squares near each of the stops and in particular those which constitute the future hubs of correspondence with bicycles, buses, trains and park and rides (P+Rs). The aim was to retain a set of names representative of history and to favour the use of the Luxembourgish language. The name of the new tram station “Leschte Steiwer / Dernier Sol” refers to the 19th century and to the hostel “Um leschte Steiwer” located in Dernier Sol street. A "Steiwer" (French: "sol" or "sou") was a small coin. When the peasants of Hesperange and Ban de Roeser returned from the town market, they would have spent their last "penny" in this inn, located outside the old fortress on their way back to Hesperange.

Next year, in September 2022, the tram network will be extended by 1.2 km and will offer a new link between Luxembourg Station and the Bonnevoie district. The tram journey from the station to the Lycée de Bonnevoie takes 3 minutes 40 seconds in total.

Construction work on the tram line between the Lycée de Bonnevoie and the Cloche d'Or will continue in the first half of 2022. This new 3.7 km section will offer five new stations, including two multimodal hubs.