Luxembourg has recorded the lowest employment rates among residents aged 55 to 64 in the European Union (EU), at 44.0% in 2020.

In comparison, neighbouring countries Belgium, France and Germany reported 53.3%, 55.2% and 71.7% employment rates in 2020, respectively.

The employment rates among females were generally lower than those among males with the exception of Finland and Estonia. The lowest employment rate in females was reported in Greece at 33.5% and the largest difference between male and female employment rates were noted in Malta at 29.1 (male employment at 67.2% and female employment at 38.1%). Sweden had the highest employment rates for males (79.8%) and females (75.3%).

Overall, there is a strong correlation between male and female employment rates in European countries, particularly the Nordic countries where both males and females have high employment rates, while Eastern Europe presents a different profile. Here the difference between male and female employment rates are high, with much fewer 55-64 year-old females employed compared to their male counterparts.