As part of "smart city" strategy and with a view to optimising incident management, the City of Luxembourg (Ville de Luxembourg  - VdL) has set up a new warning system with a view to providing better information in complete transparency to its citizens in the event of disruptions to the drinking water network, water being an essential daily resource for everyone: in the event of an incident on the drinking water network, an information message is displayed on the home page of the trilingual website of the City of Luxembourg. By clicking on this message, the user is directed to a page containing the essential information concerning the incident: its nature (water cut, water quality problem, etc.), the area concerned, the estimated duration of the incident or even recommendations regarding the consumption of the water in question. This data is updated as soon as possible according to the evolution of the incident and until the situation is restored.

The site also offers a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) section giving answers to the recurring concerns of users in the event of an incident: What is the average duration of a breakdown? What to do if the tap water has a bad smell? What if the water is cloudy? What if the water flow or pressure has decreased after the water supply has been restored?

Finally, the site displays a history of all incidents that have occurred, in the interest of transparency and public accountability.

Cityapp – VdL: to guarantee easy access to information, users can set up a widget in their cityapp – VdL application, available free of charge for iphone and android. This widget is a customisable shortcut that provides direct access to information about water quality at a specific address in the capital city (water hardness, analysis reports, etc.). If the notification function is activated for this widget, users are also notified in the event of an incident in their area and informed of the evolution of the situation. The application also gives access to the FAQ section as well as to the list of resolved incidents.