The Luxembourg Ministry of Family, Integration and the Greater Region has launched a call for expression of interest for the financing of innovative and pilot short-term projects for the year 2019.

The call is part of the implementation of the National Integration Action Plan (PAN integration) which provides a general, strategic and sustainable framework for the welcome and accompaniment of applicants for international protection and for the integration of all foreign residents.

The projects targeted by the call must therefore aim at conceptualising and developing measures to promote the integration of all non-Luxembourg residents in the Grand Duchy. The objective is to develop information and awareness of the various target audiences about integration and to promote intercultural projects that emphasise integration, exchanges in everyday life and networking actions.

This call provides for the financing of projects starting from an amount of €25,000 per project.

The deadline for submission of applications for project funding is 08:00 on 17 June 2019.

Interested associations, private and public institutions, professional chambers and training institutes and/or research centres can consult the details of the call for projects on the website