As of 29 November 2023, the three main trade union organisations in the financial sector, ALEBA, OGBL and LCGB-SESF, partially denounced the 2021-2023 Collective Agreements applied respectively in banks and insurance companies, which will expire on 31 December 2023.

These partial denunciations are accompanied by catalogues of common demands from the trade union organisations, the fruit of a fruitful collaboration on a common front between them.

These catalogues of common demands were developed over several weeks of intensive but constructive work in numerous inter-union meetings, resulting in a result incorporating the top demands of each union for each of the two sectors of activity. According to the trade unions, these demands are a direct response to the current challenges and future needs of workers in the banking and insurance sectors.

The main union demands relate to:

• the integration of executives into collective agreements;
• substantial salary increases for everyone;
• investment in training for everyone;
• adaptations to extraordinary leave;
• the implementation of preventive measures to mitigate health and psychosocial risks such as rest and well-being;
• flexible working measures, in particular teleworking;
• better supervision of the rights of delegations or for overtime compensation, etc...

The same day, the trade union organisations received the partial denunciation of the respective collective agreements from the ABBL and the ACA.

Negotiations between the social partners will begin in the coming weeks, aiming to reach a fair and satisfactory agreement for all parties involved.

The first negotiation meeting for the renewal of collective agreements will be held in the afternoon on Thursday 14 December 2023 with the ACA for Insurance Companies, and on Friday 15 December 2023 with the ABBL for Banks.

The three trade union organisations in the financial sector ALEBA, OGBL and LCGB-SESF noted that their priority was that of defending the interests of employees and that they are aspiring to make significant progress in the renewal of collective agreements.