Credit: ULPV

The Union Luxembourgeoise de Patinage de Vitesse (ULPV) has reported the latest news in the world of short track speed skating in Luxembourg.

The ULPV noted that Sidoine Conesa skated in the French League Trophée National competition in Charleville-Mézières last weekend. He finished third overall in the TN Poule 2 category and won the 500 m A Final.

The previous weekend, Sidoine had skated in the StarClass 3 competition in Pontebba, Italy, where he finished 31st in the 500 m, 24th in the 1000 m and 24th in the 1500 m events.

The ULPV also highlighted the official opening last Wednesday of the Sky Lounge at Kockelscheuer. Members of the College of the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Luxembourg (Ville de Luxembourg - VdL) visited the ice rink and inaugurated the Sky Lounge, a space that can be rented for parties, birthdays, etc.

The VdL recently announced details of the renovation works being undertaken at the almost-50-year-old ice rink.