Luxembourg-based East-West United Bank (EWUB) has announced that it is organising an online golf competition, Virtual EWUB Open, from 22 to 29 May 2020.

The tournament, organised in the context of many cancelled sports events, will take place on the World Golf Tour (WGT) online platform, one of the most realistic golf simulators featuring some of the world’s best golf courses. Golf lovers and players of all levels from Luxembourg and Russia alike will thus have the opportunity to continue training and enjoy e-sport.

The organisation of the virtual international competition means that EWUB can continue its annual traditional tournament this year, albeit in a different format. Players will be able to compete with each other in the format of Stroke Play on the WGT platform. The game is suitable for those who already play golf in real life, as well as for those who have never held a club in their lives.

According to the results of the tournament, the winners will receive valuable virtual prizes. The top winner with the most points will become a member of the offline team in EWUB Golf Cup in 2021. During the virtual competition, players will be able to take part in the proposed course an unlimited number of times to improve their skills and increase their chances of winning. Participation in the tournament is free of charge.

Sergey Pchelintsev, CEO and Managing Director of EWUB and golf fan, commented: “This is our first attempt to organise a virtual golf tournament. In the situation of severe restrictions, we found a way to enjoy our favourite sport. For three years in a row, we have been organising the international golf tournament EWUB Golf Cup between the clubs of Russia and Luxembourg. Now we transfer our offline experience to a virtual platform. We hope that the players will appreciate our new initiative this year. Such a tournament is a new proposition for Russia and Luxembourg".

To participate and find out more about the tournament, visit