Performances of choreographer Andrea Rama's "A Line Supreme" will take place on 4 and 5 October 2018 at 20:00 at the Luxembourg Grand Théâtre.

Andrea Rama's project was selected for the TalentLAB#17, a platform and project laboratory for emerging artists launched by the Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg in 2016 where he was mentored by celebrated French choreographer José Montalvo. The result of this lab, his duo 3,14π is a minimalist piece for two dancers which is based on the shape of the circle to play with our perception of time and space. The dancers run in a circle, following a line drawn on the floor and a rhythm accentuated by the noise of their trainers. In the equation 3,14π, the variables are the movement, the sound and the lighting.

The same idea is developed in his new project, Porson's Khashoggi / Andrea Rama "A Line Supreme", a choreographed perspective of the human relationship to linearity, but pushing the sound component further. The name is a reference to the cult album of John Coltrane "A Love Supreme" (1965). This time, the architecture of the piece is no longer circular but linear. There are no longer two but four dancers, who move in a line armed with large household brooms. This constraint dictates their movements, whilst at the same time creating a soundscape with different textures, rhythms and intensities. In this sense, the sound can be considered as the fifth dancer on stage. The lighting design shapes the overall narrative of the piece and highlights the effects of expansion and condensation of time and space.

A graduate of the National School of Dance in Athens, Andrea currently works and lives in between Luxembourg and Berlin. He intensely explores the dimension of time as a fundamental element of movement. In A Line Supreme, Andrea experiments with familiar linear movements taken from everyday life and therefore instantly recognisable for an audience. He intends to explore how feelings and senses are affected as, through movement, lines are lengthened in one area and at the same time reduced somewhere else.

The performance will last 60 minutes without any intermission.

Tickets cost €20 and can be reserved at Luxembourg Ticket via tel.: +352 4708 95-1 or at