Raum by William Cardoso; Credit: Verdura © Felix Chanteloup

TROIS C-L - Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois has announced its next 3 du TROIS performances, scheduled for 3 October 2020 at 19:00 (doors open at 18:30) at Banannefabrik in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie.

These performances will be marked by unpredictability and last minute programmes.  Like a research laboratory, 3 du TROIS will resume its initial form: highlighting the results of residencies spent at TROIS C-L.

How Many Angels Can Dance on the Head of a Pin? - Moritz Ostruschnjak

In his works, German choreographer Moritz Ostruschnjak dwells on the transformations of physical and social experiences in the era of digitialisation and virtualisation. His works are spaces made up of hyperlinks that use 21st-century media machinery as a motif and an archive, thus reflecting social processes. Following the principle of pick & mix and cut & paste, very heterogeneous elements and connections form the narrative of a reality in which the boundaries between politics, entertainment and populism are becoming increasingly blurred.

As an active member of the graffiti scene, Moritz Ostruschnjak developed an interest in contemporary dance through breakdance. He studied at Iwanson International in Munich and completed his training with Maurice Béjart in Lausanne. Subsequently, he worked as a dancer in his country and abroad. He has been working as a freelance choreographer in Munich since 2013 and created the solo "Island of Only Oneland" as well as the ensemble pieces "Text Neck", "BOIDS", "UNSTERN" and "AUTOPLAY". His works have been presented at the Tanzwerkstatt Europa and at the RODEO - Münchner Tanz- und Theaterfestival. UNSTERN has been selected for the Tanzplattform Deutschland 2020. He has also created works for various theatres in Germany. In January 2021, his new production "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" (working title) will premiere in Munich.

Raum - William Cardoso

Luxembourg choreographer William Cardoso has an artistic approach based on elementary subjects such as life, the world, culture, the night, the other. What are the emotional impacts that these aspects can have on the dancer's body? Influenced by vibrations and energies, the choreographer seeks to understand how to move the body in space by constantly changing dynamics and quality. The choreographer's work always starts from a guided improvisation in order to arrive at a well-written structure: "I'm not trying to create a movement, I just want to have fun with it".

With "Raum", which premieres at TROIS C-L in early January 2021, William Cardoso immerses spectators in the world of sleep. As bodies find their natural fatigue, brains disconnect from their physique and wake up. Facing our demons and our desires, we travel through space in search of answers. A cry forms deep in the stomach without ever seeing the light of day. Is this the real reality?

Daily Feeling - Remy Pagard

Born from her own experience of confinement and nourished by the emotions of the work of Sandrine Le Corner, Remy Pagard's choreography immerses spectators in the unique daily life of a confined dancer. In a closed environment, within the symbolic framework of the door, he delivers the following message:

"Every day an emotion
Every day a challenge to take up, a dream to realize

For safety purposes, spectators must wear a mask for the duration of all performances. In order to be able to guarantee a place for these monthly events, it is now obligatory to reserve and pay in advance for 3 du TROIS performances. Tickets cost €7 or €1.50 with a Kulturpass. To book a spot, visit https://tickets.ticket.monster/events/358673/tickets?lang=fr&distributionId=171743.