Credit: CFL

Luxembourg's Ministry of Mobility and Public Works has announced that the national railway company, CFL, has taken over management of the secure bicycle parking system, which is being rebranded from "mBox" to "Bikebox".

The "Communauté des transports" (integrated into the Public Transport Administration by law in 2021) launched the mBox system some ten years ago.

73 secure bicycle parking hubs are currently located across the Grand Duchy, with about 20 additional "Bikeboxes" set to complete the network in the coming years.

According to the ministry and CFL, the latter taking over operations is part of a "logic of simplification"; the majority of these infrastructures were set up by the CFL near railway stations and stops. The CFL is now the contact point for municipalities which have also already installed an "mBox" or which are considering connecting a secure public bicycle parking location to the "Bikebox" network.

The first infrastructures to be dressed in the new "Bikebox" colors will be those in the territory of the City of Luxembourg, particularly those of the Luxembourg Railway Station and the Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg stop.

According to the National Mobility Plan 2035, even outside Luxembourg City, 60% of the population of the Grand Duchy live less than ten minutes by bicycle from a CFL station. In addition, some people live the same distance away from a bus station and others have their workplace near a train or bus station. The ministry and CFL noted that having "Bikeboxes" at the stops of the main transport hubs allows public transport users to drop off their bicycle or scooter before taking the train or bus ("first mile"), or for the "last mile", at a station close to their workplace.

The new government has committed itself to expanding this offer by providing, where possible, secure bicycle parking near all public buildings.

The use of "Bikeboxes" remains free of charge. The ministry and CFL assured that current users of the "mBox" system have already been informed of the transfer by the Public Transport Administration and no action on their part is required to use the "Bikeboxes".