Champions: Dan Kelly and Claude Schweitzer; Credit: Curling Luxembourg

Luxembourg curling players Dan Kelly and Claude Schweitzer have retained their championship titles in the National Doubles Curling Championship 2019/20, which took place over the weekend at the Kockelscheuer Ice Rink.

Curling Luxembourg reported that the Championship games began with very close battles in the Round Robin games (all-play-all).

Round Robin results

1. Karen Wauters and Ali Khaleghi: 4 victories, 1 loss

2. Dan Kelly and Claude Schweitzer: 3 victories, 2 losses

3. Philippe Giltaire and Mike Isenor: 3 victories, 2 losses (direct confrontation loss against Kelly/Schweitzer)

4. Alex Benoy and Aljaz Pengov-Bitenc: 2 victories, 1 draw, 2 losses

5. Volker Beba/ Barry Foulds/ Omar Ramirez Sanchez: 2 victories, 3 losses

6. Virginie Hansen and Maelle Warin: 1 draw, 4 losses

The gold final then proved to be a very interesting game that ended with the last stone in a victory for Dan Kelly and Claude Schweitzer (with 3 points in the last end), like last year.

This year's vice-champions were Karen Wauters and Ali Khaleghi. The latter is an Iranian refugee who only began playing curling a few months ago.

Finally, Philippe Giltaire and Mike Isenor, who have been playing curling for a few years, secured bronze.