Credit: Curling Luxembourg

The finals of the "Coupe de Luxembourg" (Luxembourg curling cup) 2019/20 will play out this Sunday 10 November 2019 at the Kockelscheuer Ice Arena.

The competing teams are comprised as follows:

  • Team Kelly: Dan Kelly; Mike Isenor; Susi Benoy; Maelle Warin
  • Team Wauters: Karen Wauters; Marc Husi; Andy Schellen; Mett Goerens/Volker Beba 
  • Team Schweitzer: Claude Schweitzer; Philippe Giltaire; Aljaz Pengov; Candice Richards
  • Team Benoy: Alex Benoy; Virginie Hansen; Omar Ramirez-Sanchez; Andreia Moreira


09:15   Rink A: Team Kelly vs Team Wauters
            Rink B: Team Schweitzer vs Team Benoy
11:00   Rink A: Team Kelly vs Team Schweitzer
            Rink B: Team Wauters vs Team Benoy
12:45  Pause, Pebbling and Icecrashing
13:15   Rink A: Team Kelly vs Team Benoy
            Rink B: Team Wauters vs Team Schweitzer
15:00   Prize-giving on VIP-Balcony

The format of the competition is all-play-all in matches with six ends  (finish end in play after 85 minutes). If two or more teams each have the same number of points for the first place (2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw), the winner will be decided by two last stone draws per team. Other positions are determined by points, ends, positive stones, negative stones.

The winners will also be honoured next year by the City of Luxembourg for their performance.

For more information, visit the Curling Luxembourg website: