(2nd and 3rd from left) Luxembourg Doubles Champions Dan Kelly and Claude Schweitzer; Credit: Luxembourg Curling Union

Dan Kelly and Claude Schweitzer have been named Luxembourg Champions at this year's National Curling Doubles Championship.

Last weekend's National Doubles Championship at Kockelscheuer saw the five qualified teams play a series of exciting games. 

A Round-Robin (four games) resulted in three wins for both Alex Benoy and Philippe Giltaire and Dan Kelly and Claude Schweitzer, two wins for Nico Reuland and Mara Wagner, one win and one draw for Virginie Hansen and Andreia Moreira/Karen Wauters and one draw for Barry Foulds and Mike Isenor.

Dan Kelly and Claude Schweitzer went on to win the gold final for the Luxembourg Champion title, defeating Alex Benoy and Philippe Giltaire after six very close ends with a score of 10-4.

The bronze medal game was even closer, as it had to go into an extra 7th End. Ultimately, Virginie Hansen and Karen Wauters placed third with 7-6, defeating Nico Reuland and Mara Wagner.

On this occasion, five new curling players took part, of which four are under 18.