(L-R): Karen Wauters; Marco Etienne; Peter Adams, managing director Roche-Bobois; Alex Benoy, president Luxembourg Curling Union;

At the Curling World Mixed Doubles Championship 2018 being held in Oestersund, Sweden, lost their 7th and final round-robin match 2-15 to Italy, who unexpectedly finished leader of Group A.

The Letzebuerg Mixed Doubles National Team of Karen Wauters and Marco Etienne were no match for the strong Italian team, and finished up with one win (over The netherlands) and six defeats. their 31st place overall meant that countries like Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand and Croatia were behind them in the final tournament rankings, with Luxembourg just behind countries such as Hongkong (27) and Germany (29).

The Luxembourg Curling Union congratulated the team and confirmed that Luxembourg, again, was well represented at a worldwide level, even if the amateur players had little chance to defeat the many semi-professional team in the competition.