(L-R) Sylvain Hoffmann, Director of the Chambre des salariés; Henri Kox, Minister of Housing; Claude Roeltgen, management adviser of the Chambre des salariés; Credit: MLOG

On Friday 25 March 2022, Luxembourg's Minister of Housing, Henri Kox, presented the two bills that are proposed to replace the current legislation on financial aid for housing to the representatives of the Chambre des salariés.

In the future, aid to individuals will become more generous and a larger part of society will become eligible. In a selectivity approach, individual aid will be targeted according to household needs. For private market tenants, the rent subsidy will be increased. Owners with more modest incomes will be able to benefit from a supplement of up to 40% of the PRIMe House for upgrading energy aspects of their home.

The bill on affordable housing will provide a clear and transparent framework for public funding for affordable housing and support for its inhabitants. It plans to specify the roles of the social landlord and the social promoter, the methods of state co-financing "Aids à la pierre", criteria for being able to benefit from this financial aid, allocation and management of affordable rental housing, leasing and the calculation of affordable rent as well as social rental management.

According to the ministry, the Minister's exchange with representatives of the Chambre des salariés on the reform of housing assistance was constructive.