The Ville de Luxembourg has announced that due to sanitation works, the Cinémathèque (located at 17 Place du Théâtre, L-2613 Luxembourg) is to close as from today, Tuesday 20 March 2018, due to the presence of small insects in certain parts of the hall, according to a diagnosis prepared by a specialised company the previous day.

As a result, the entire room will be subjected to a heat treatment (80 degrees warming) in order to carry out the sanitation exercise.

In principle, the Cinémathèque will reopen in about a month's time, allowing the disassembly of projection booths to prevent damage, the intervention itself and the reassembly of seating.

During this period, all screenings at the Cinémathèque are cancelled; the Ville de Luxembourg will inform the public as soon as possible of the resumption of programming.​