Handicap International Luxembourg has issued a public warning in light of a rise in charity collection scams in recent weeks.

Handicap International Luxembourg received reports recently of individuals pretending to be volunteers collecting donations from the public. In this context, the charity has called for the Luxembourg public to be vigilant.

Despite prevention messages posted on the NGO's website and social network accounts, these attempted (and sometimes successful) scams have continued. On one occasion, scammers received €2,500 in cash from a priest in Ettelbruck who had been led to believe the perpetrators were official collectors sent by Handicap International. A complaint has since been filed.

Amidst these rising scams, the NGO has reiterated that it never accepts cash donations. Collection head Anthony Jacopucci explained: "We never accept money in cash. Our teams have digital tablets on which donors are invited to fill out a monthly donation form by direct debit". Each collector also wears a personal identification badge, stamped by Handicap International, with their photo, their name and a date of validity. 

If in doubt, Handicap International can be contacted directly via tel.: 428-060-21 or visit the website www.hi-lux.lu for more information.