Credit: A2Bplus

The mobility platform A2Bplus has announced that it is organising its first charity challenge between 4 and 17 November 2019 across Luxembourg.

Participants can choose from two challenges: the Work & Health challenge and the Sports & Leisure challenge, both of which offer up to €1,500 for charities.

The first challenge involves a 30-minute walk or run during the work lunch break (anytime between 11:00 and 14:00, Monday to Friday). The minimum objective is to do this at least three times during the 10-day challenge period: 3x30 minutes equates to three "votes", whilst up to 10X30 minutes equates to ten "votes" plus a special prize.

The second challenge involves walking or running at least 5km (consecutively) any time and any day (up to 14 times or once per day) from 4-17 November 2019. Each time a participant completes the 5km, they get a "vote".

There is no need to sign up to a challenge. Instead, participants should download and launch the A2Bplus App when starting an activity and stop the app when finished. Participants are then told if they have met the challenges' eligibility criteria (time or distance). There are no restrictions on competing in both challenges.

Besides the ability to decide which charity should be funded, there are multiple reasons to participate in one of the challenges. Physical activity, around 30 minutes a day, can have multiple benefits, such as reduced risk of heart attacks, lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Additionally, physical activity benefits mental health, raises energy levels and improves sleep. 

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