L-R: Serge Legil, Prison Administration Director; Sam Tanson, Minister of Justice; Martine Wagner, Prison Administration; Laurent Graas, Strategic Director of lola communications agency; Credit: Prison Administration

On Monday 17 January 2022, Luxembourg's Minister of Justice, Sam Tanson, and the Director of the Prison Administration, Serge Legil, presented the new brand identity of the Prison Administration during a press conference.

Following the changes introduced by the law of 20 July 2018 reforming the Prison Administration, the latter has redefined its positioning and created a more modern brand identity that reflects its missions, vision and values.

The values ​​of the Prison Administration, which are the result of an internal research process, were decisive in the creation of the new brand identity. The three values ​​serving as the foundation for this new identity and the key messages of the Prison Administration are “Humanism”, “Commitment” and “Justice”. These values ​​set the frame of reference for the human qualities and work principles required in the prison environment. They have been included in a charter of values ​​serving as a guide for the actions and behaviours to be adopted by staff members.

The Prison Administration transposed this positioning into the new brand identity through a new logotype and a new emblem. The logotype emphasises the human being placed in the centre and recalled by the small circle placed above the lion. It refers to Luxembourg by using the symbol of the lion in a stylised way and integrating the three colours of the country. The institutional aspect is characterised by the shape of the emblem which aims to set the framework and promote a sense of belonging.

At the same time, the creation of the emblem serves as a conventional sign with strong symbolic value, according to the Prison Administration. It takes the main form of the logo and is available on certain media and in particular on service uniforms with the aim of replacing the emblem of the three turrets of the former Grund prison and promoting recognition of membership of the Prison Administration. The three colours of the country have been repeated along the outside line.

Another element forming part of this new brand identity is the slogan "acteur de sécurité – créateur de perspectives" (actor of security – creator of perspectives) which reflects the dual mission of the Prison Administration.

The new logotype as well as the key messages reflecting this new positioning of the Prison Administration will be translated into its communication strategy.

In parallel, Sam Tanson, Luxembourg's Minister of Justice and Minister of Culture, presented the "Kultur am Prisong" (culture in prison) project, launched by the two respective ministries in collaboration with the Prison Administration.