The Waiting Rooms by Stéphane Roy; Credit: neimënster

The Abbaye de Neumünster (neimënster) in Luxembourg-Grund is currently hosting a new exhibition by Stéphane Roy.

"The Waiting Rooms" is on display in the Lucien Wercollier cloister and garden at neimënster from Friday 5 April to Sunday 26 May 2024. 

According to the venue, this new work by artist Stéphane Roy is "an evolving cycle of environments that use the codes of the waiting room to explore its concept, functionality, rules and possible diversions. It is a sanctuary for encounters, an exploration of forms of well-being, a laboratory for desires and disobedience and a societal playground that engages the participation of individuals and communities."

The exhibition is open to the public (all ages) free of charge. Further details:

Born in Lyon, France in 1988, Stéphane Roy "took refuge in art to escape a broken childhood and a chaotic past". He is interested in forms of "human tensions" and relationships. Having studied in Paris, Stéphane Roy is currently based in Brussels.