The 22nd meeting of the Franco-Luxembourg Joint Commission for Nuclear Security took place on 10 June 2024 in Luxembourg.

On the French side, the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) was accompanied by representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, the Prefecture of Moselle, the French Embassy in Luxembourg and EDF. The Luxembourg delegation included representatives from the Ministries of Foreign and European Affairs, Defence, Cooperation and Foreign Trade, the Ministry of Health and Social Security, the Ministry of the Economy, the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Biodiversity, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the High Commission for National Protection.

Discussions took place, in particular, on the Cattenom nuclear power plant, the cross-border consultation procedures within the framework of the 4th periodic review of the 1300 MWe reactors, on the exchange of information and the organisation of cross-border alerts in the event of a nuclear emergency, as well as on the latest developments in the field of radioprotection in France and Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg delegation informed the French party of the motion of 16 May 2024 concerning the extension of the working life beyond 40 years at the Cattenom headquarters, which had been voted against by the Chamber of Deputies.

According to the Luxembourg ministries, the two parties remain committed to maintaining their dialogue on nuclear security and radioprotection, and plan to meet next year in France for the 23rd edition of the Mixed Commission.