Credit: MMU

Luxembourg's Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has confirmed the repatriation of seventeen nationals and residents of the Grand Duchy from Israel, amid escalating conflict in the region.

On the night of Thursday 12 to Friday 13 October 2023, an Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft from the Multinational MRTT Unit (MMU) brought the individuals in question back to Luxembourg.

This repatriation flight was carried out in close collaboration between Luxembourg's Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and its consular assistance department, the Directorate of Defence, the Luxembourg Army and the Dutch authorities, particularly the Netherlands' Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence. The flight was organised by the European Air Transport Command (EATC) and executed by the MMU.

The aircraft took off on Thursday evening for Eindhoven, where the team from Luxembourg's Embassy in the Netherlands welcomed the Luxembourg nationals and residents around 02:00 on Friday.

The passengers, who had been in regular contact with the consular assistance department of Luxembourg's Foreign Ministry since the conflict escalated on Saturday 7 October 2023, were then transported by bus to Luxembourg. The Foreign Ministry reported that a total of 52 people have been able to leave Israel since Saturday.