English rock band Uriah Heep will be performing at den Atelier in Luxembourg-Hollerich on Thursday 23 January 2020; doors open at 19:00.

Uriah Heep are responsible for arguably the most elevated and intelligent use of vocals in a heavy metal context among the major bands inventing the genre in the 1970s. Heep were even coined the Beach Boys of Heavy Metal. They were also one of the forerunners of using the Hammond organ along with Mick Box's signature "wah wah" guitar, which became the template for their sound. 

Success has followed the forging of such an audacious formula. With 25 studio albums, along with many live releases and compilations, Uriah Heep have managed to sell 40 million records worldwide, including four million in the US.

Tickets are now on sale for €37 on den Atelier's website:

Venue: den Atelier

Organiser: den Atelier

Price: €37

Reservations: See above