Credit: MEGA

Luxembourg's Ministry of Equality between Women and Men has announced that the government has achieved its objective of 40% of women representing the state on the boards of directors of public establishments.

The percentage of women in such positions in Luxembourg has now reached 41.19%, thus exceeding the threshold set at 40%.

Taina Bofferding, Luxembourg's Minister for Equality between Women and Men, explained: “Our commitments to gender equality in economic decision-making are fruitful. We see that the rate of women on the boards of directors of public establishments and companies in which the state holds shares has increased significantly over the past five years". 

The efforts started during the last legislature were continued by the current government in order to achieve a representation of 40% of the under-represented sex in decision-making bodies in which the state is present.

Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot added: “I am delighted that the efforts undertaken by the Luxembourg State in favour of equality between women and men are bearing fruit. As Minister of the Economy, I am committed to continuing to contribute to this positive dynamic".

Concretely, a recent interim report showed that the percentage of women representing the state in public establishments was 41.19% at the end of 2020 (compared to 30.34% in January 2015). In addition, the total rate of women on the boards of public institutions (including people representing other partners) reached 34.99% (compared to 27.41% in January 2015). For companies, the rate of women representing the state increased to 31.14% (compared to 24.69% in January 2015)

To achieve 40% female representation on all boards of directors of public establishments, 21 out of a total of 423 mandates still need to be held by women. The authorities have thus called on social partners to continue supporting gender equality in economic decision-making.