Credit: FEDIL

The number of job openings in the Luxembourg industrial sector will reach 1,397 over the next two years, according to the FEDIL survey "Les qualifications de demain dans l'industrie".

The 2019 edition of the FEDIL survey on job opportunities in the construction and industry sector in Luxembourg has shown significant hiring potential in the next two years, which will see the creation of 1,397 jobs in 98 companies. 44.95% of these positions will be to replace departures whilst the other 55.05% relate to jobs that have just been created. Indeed, this is the highest total number of planned hirings since 2003.

The survey, published by FEDIL for 11 consecutive years, represents the only existing indicator in Luxembourg on qualification needs in the sectors covered. Promotion and research of young talents being one of the association's priorities in 2019, the FEDIL has emphasised in this year's survey the importance of education and training as the main vectors of identification, belonging and social promotion.

This is why the survey, aimed at young people, their parents and career managers, aims to meet several objectives: to identify the needs of businesses, reconcile supply and demand for training for the benefit of young people and give a reliable indicator to young people, educational and vocational guidance services. Finally, it is also a means of adapting training policy to economic realities, namely technological changes.

Companies have once again reported a very strong demand for the vocational qualification diploma (DAP) (31.6% of the total number), but there is also a considerable increase in the demand for Advanced Technician Certificate courses (BTS) (16.7%), Bachelor (13.5%) and Master / Doctorate (15.8%) diplomas. Whilst the demand for candidates with a Baccalaureat (BAC) has also increased, it remains the least sought-after qualification for industrial companies in Luxembourg (10.2%).