Team photo; Credit: Cryopôle Luxembourg

The first Cryopôle centre in Luxembourg recently opened its doors, welcoming its first customers on Monday 8 April 2024.

Cryopôle, a leading network of whole body cryotherapy (also known as cold therapy) and cryolipolysis centres in France, has arrived in the Grand Duchy. The brand recently embarked on its international expansion journey with the opening of a first franchise centre in Luxembourg.

The founder and president of the Cryopôle network, Pascal Grillon, has worked as an osteopathic physiotherapist for 24 years. He also directs the Cryo Academy, the training organisation adjoining Cryopôle which is aimed at professionals wishing to train in cryotherapy techniques and best practices.

Virginie De Nicolo and Angélique Sabron are at the origin of the establishment of the Master franchise in Luxembourg. As the manager responsible for the Luxembourg centre, Virginie has been trained in the benefits of whole body cryotherapy, Cryopôle techniques and tools in order to provide the different treatments available at the centre. Angélique, who is a business leader in Luxembourg, has come on board as an investor/partner.

Julien Habay, who has a Master's degree in physiotherapy, completes the team. He has acquired more than five years of experience in physiotherapy practices as well as in the world of sport, supporting high-level athletes. He works as a physiotherapist within the centre for "all patients" (whether or not they are clients of the centre).

Various studies have shown whole body cryotherapy to be beneficial in several ways (in terms of sports performance but also well-being and beauty). It also has medicinal uses (as a painkiller, for example).

Before starting a treatment or cure, Cryopôle customers receive a free and personalised assessment in order to determine the solution and services best suited to their needs and objectives. Once this assessment has been completed, the client is directed to the locker room to change and get equipped. During the session, customers will be in their underwear or swimwear but must also wear gloves, socks, shoes, a mask and earmuffs. Customer can then enter the cryotherapy cabin where they will remain for three to six minutes (depending on the results of their assessment). At the end of the session, they can relax and recover with a free drink.

Cryopôle Luxembourg is located at 1 Rue Léopold Hoffmann in Luxembourg-Cessange (L-1753).