Credit: The NETWORK

On Wednesday evening, The NETWORK, Luxembourg's oldest international professional business women's association, ended 2020 on a high note with the online event “Christmas Gratitude”.

Over a dozen people virtually attended this year-end event led by Carmen Madiar, who highlighted the benefits of gratitude and what we can all be thankful for in 2020.

The lead-up to the event was a dynamic three-week social media campaign, which shared key tips on how to practice gratitude and what it means in different cultures.

The event itself began with a recap of The NETWORK’s upcoming mentoring programme, which will see mentors partnered in January – just ahead of next month’s event on wellbeing. Other highlights for 2021 include an event on diversity in February, the association’s annual general meeting (AGM) in March and an event on leadership in April.

Carmen Mediar shared with participants her personal journey and experience with gratitude, leading into a gratitude meditation session led by Marie Louise Ashworth, President of The NETWORK.

Participants were then divided into breakout room sessions, where they discussed what they had learned this year, what they were grateful for and how they practise gratitude. Among the examples of things to be grateful for were health, family, education, stable employment and new opportunities. Regarding lessons to be learned, participants discussed the opportunity to learn from past experiences or failures and improve on weaknesses.

Participants also shared various ways of putting gratitude into practice, for example through meditation, prayer, journaling, volunteering, helping animals and / or just saying thank you.

The event ended with participants sharing different international cultural practices at Christmas.