Tomorrow, Saturday 1 December 2018, the International School Luxembourg (ISL) is hosting a swimming gala at the Geesseknaeppchen swimming pool in Luxembourg-Merl.

A total of eight schools from across Europe will compete in the annual start-of-season ‘home swim meet’, involving around 250 swimmers participating in 53 events.

The first race starts at 10:00 with swimmers expected to arrive for warm-up at 09:00. Those interested in supporting the ISL swimmers are very welcome to attend. Entrance free-of-charge.

This event is very much a community effort, as witnessed by the involvement of so many people. ISL parents will host up to 60 students from 3 visiting schools. The ISL Senior swim team will set-up the pool and touch pads after school on Friday. The IT Department will help on both Friday and Saturday with software set-up and timing centre control. Registered swim officials from the Swim Luxembourg Federation will be engaged to ensure swimmers abide by the rules during the competition. Students and some swim team parents have volunteered to be timekeepers for the day as a back-up in case the electronic timekeeping fails. The PE team will organise the starter centre and coordinate the swimmers during the event to ensure they are in the right place at the right time.